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The JCC is proud to partner with WELLCOM to offer training for Trek Up the Tower! Trek Up the Tower is a vertical climb up forty floors of the First National Bank Tower in downtown Omaha. Trek is ideal for all fitness levels and attracts everyone from elite athletes who race to the top, to participants who are looking to accomplish a personal goal as they climb the stairs slow and steady.

Trek Up the Tower is a community event presented by WELLCOM. This annual event raises money to support WELLCOM’s mission of elevating worksite wellness programs.

Lead the pack. Train at the J.
Now is the time to start training for this event! The JCC has Small Group and Private Training options are available. We'll help you reach all of your fitness goals. Call the Fitness Center at (402) 334-6423 to schedule your training today.

Saturday, February 16th, 2019
Trek Up the Tower has something for everyone. Register as part of a team with your coworkers, friends, or family, dress in costume, volunteer, run all forty flights, or stop to catch your breath on each floor – how you trek is up to you! After all, it’s not just about the climb – it’s about the community. REGISTER HERE!

Looking for an Added Challenge?
STAIROSAURUS VERTICAL MILE CHALLENGE: Step up to the Jurassic challenge and enter this new category. Complete the Trek 10 and 1/3 times to equal one vertical mile!

Questions? Contact Maggie Thomas at (402) 334-6472 or email