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Fitness Center Orientation for Teens

Ages 13 - 16  |  Open to JCC Members 

Is your teen ready to use the fitness center?  Teens, over the age of 13 who have passed the Teen Orientation are more than welcome to complete a workout on the fitness center floor.  Teen orientations are included in your JCC Family and Single Parent Family Membership.  These classes are a great way for your teen to learn proper technique, safety, and a routine that will help them grow into a healthy adult.

   Orientations Cover
  • Workout Safety & Injury Prevention
  • Proper Fitness Center Etiquette  
  • Introduction to Free Weight & Cardio Equipment
  • The Importance of Warm Ups & Stretching

Class Times
June Dates 
Saturday, June 10th   11:00 a.m. |  Code: 06-06101A
Saturday, June 10th   2:00 p.m.   |  Code: 06-0610B
Sunday, June 11th     12:30p.m.  |  Code: 06-0611
Thursday, June 15th  6:30 p.m.   |  Code: 06-0615
Thursday, June 29th  6:30 p.m.   |  Code: 06-0602

July Dates
Thursday, July 13th   6:30 p.m.  |  Code: 06-0713
Thursday, July 27th   6:30 p.m.  |  Code: 06-0727
Saturday, July 15th   11:00 a.m. |  Code:06-0715A
Saturday, July 15th   2:00 p.m.  |   Code: 06-0715B
Sunday, July 16th  12:30 p.m.    |   Code06-0716

August Dates
Saturday, August 12th   11:00 a.m.  |   Code: 06-0812A
Saturday, August 12th   2:00 p.m.    |   Code: 06-0812B
Sunday, August 13th     12:30 p.m.  |   Code: 06-0813
Thursday, August 24th   6:30 p.m    |   Code: 06-0824

September Dates
Saturday, September 16th   11:00 a.m.  |  Code: 06-0916A
Saturday, September 16th   2:00p.m.     |  Code: 06-0916B
Sunday, September 17th     12:30 p.m.  |   Code 06-0917
Thursday, September 21st   6:30 p.m.    |  Code: 06-0921

Each class is open to up to 6 teens (min of 2) and are 1.5 hours in length. If you are unable to make any of the class times, contact Breann Lundblad, (402) 334-6580 for private option. Registration is required.