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We offer a wide variety of specialty classes to help you reach your fitness goals. For more information, please contact the Fitness Center staff at (402) 334-6423.

New! Food & Fitness Training

Participants will work with Heather Bucksner, a certified Nutrition Counselor and Personal Trainer, to receive:
• Family-Friendly Recipes & Pre/Post Workout Snack Ideas
• Diet Tips
• Workouts
• Accountability & Motivation

Heather will teach you how to avoid the common nutrition setbacks and how to enjoy the treats you love without overdoing it.  Combined with personal training, it is a recipe for success!

Food & Fitness Training is offered in 5 or 10 Week Packages
Each package includes:
- Two 30-minute Personal Training Sessions per week ( for 5 or 10 weeks )
- Two 30-minute Nutrition sessions per week ( for 5 or 10 weeks )

5 Week Package  |  $482        10 Week Package  |  $888

Packages can be purchased at Member Services.

Eight Week Body Transformation

This eight week group training is for those looking to gain strength, endurance, and drop a few pounds!  Groups will meet for an hour utilizing traditional and non-traditional equipment. Weather permitting, class will be held outdoors. The sessions will conclude with post-program measurements. Participants receive a water bottle. Let your trainer know what time you’d prefer. 

May 19 - July 13 

Available Class Times
Monday Afternoons     (Instructor: Heather)
Monday Evenings        (Instructor: Alyssa)
Wednesday Mornings  (Instructor: Stephanie)
Wednesday Evenings  ( Instructor: Josh)
Sunday Mornings        (Instructor: Alyssa)

$136 / person        code: 06-100


 - Online via our website
 - Call the JCC Registrar at (402) 334-6419
 - Stop by or call Member Services at (402) 334-6426

FOr More information CONTACT:

Maggie Thomas
Interim Fitness Director
(402) 334-6472  |

Fitness Center / Trainers Line
(402) 334-6423