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Members, ages 16+

Small group training is a great way to share the cost of working with a certified Personal Trainer with the built-in benefits of accountability and fun.

• For groups of 3-6 individuals
• Scheduled at a time that works for everyone in the group
• Group will meet once a week for 45 minutes

Training can be customized to your interests. Small Group Training options include:

Learn to run at a slow and easy pace. This is a group for beginners. The goal is to complete a 2-mile run at the end of the session. The group will meet Monday and Thursday mornings at 9:00 a.m. Those interested should reach out to Heather Bucksner at

Improve running mechanics, acceleration / deceleration, multi-directional agility, and body awareness. Athletic Enhancement small group training is the perfect way to gain speed, agility, and plyometric training for basketball and other sports. Sessions will be led by Josh Dolph, CSCS certified Personal Trainer. Josh is a former collegiate athlete who interned for the University of Texas Football strength and conditioning program where he worked with Division 1 football players as well as a number of NFL players

As we age, our strength will naturally decrease making it harder for us to perform day-to-day activities. One way to prevent that is to incorporate functional strength training with free weights into our workout routines.  Functional strength training with free weights helps build muscular strength and coordination to support joints, stabilize movements, and correct posture.  There are risks involved with free weight training, it is very important to work under the supervision of a professional to ensure proper form and safety.  Sam Anderson will lead this small group. 

Small Group Session Pricing
$68 / month per person   OR   $184 / three months per person
The program is ongoing, so members can begin at any time. There are no  refunds or make-up dates for missed classes.

For information on Pilates Reformer Small Group Training, click here.


 - Online via our website
 - Call the JCC Registrar at (402) 334-6419
 - Stop by or call Member Services at (402) 334-6426

For more information contact:

Fitness Center Director
(402) 334-6472

Fitness Center / Trainers Line
(402) 334-6423