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Member Testimonials

"Pilates is valuable for other activities such as tennis, golf, ballet, etc. and as a way to expand interest in both ”Mat” and “Reformer” Pilates, promotional material can focus on these other activities.  For us, Pilates is a source of increased strength, flexibility, and balance for just every day tasks." –Don L.

"Amy’s Pilates classes are always invigorating and challenging. She offers a time efficient work out where you are constantly using a variety of muscles. I have gained strength, flexibility and a friend." -Amanda G.

“Having had back surgery, I was hesitant to try Pilates but, in fact, Pilates has strengthened my back.  Anytime my back is feeling achy or tired, a Pilates lesson with Amy corrects the problem.  I look forward to each session”—Suzie S.

" I have been Pilates Training with Amy Lindhorst for over five years now and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Amy is very knowledgeable  and extensively trained in Pilates. I felt so confident in her abilities that I continued with Pilates through my entire third pregnancy. She can adjust the sessions to accommodate my needs and abilities while also training my mom and specializing her session as well. Pilates is something that I look forward to every week."  -Amy K.

"I have done Pilates Reformer training with Amy at the JCC for over 5 years.  Working with Amy was an integral part of my strong recovery from surgery, so much so that I went on to run a half-marathon.  Amy pushed me hard while tailoring workouts specifically to my needs." - Anonymous

“Lets try pilates” said Barb P. “Ok,” said Barb L. Three years later we are still at it.  Increased range of motion, flexibility, and balance are some of the benefits." —Barb L.

"Pilates is great for strength, tone, flexibility, and it’s a wonderful workout." —Barb P.

"One of the nicest things about belonging to the JCC of Omaha is the Mat Pilates Class and its instructor. She keeps the class moving the whole time we are there with a variety of ways each session.  Yet keeps it fun and enjoyable!!  I have learned so much from her and feel I am in better shape than I have ever been in!!  Thank you JCC for Amy!" —Barb L.

"I have shown up for Pilates 3 mornings a week for 7 years.  This was the best decision I ever made for my personal health and well-being!!  I had suffered with arthritis pain and stiffness for years.  Now I can bend and twist into positions you would never believe a 66 year old could do!  It is a wonderful full body workout to keep you toned and flexible.  My daughter and I do this together and it is a great time for us together.  She pushes me to try to be better each week.  Pilates is designed to be an individual workout for all ages and sizes and abilities.  I would give up chocolate before my Pilates workouts each week."—Trula B.