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Personal Training

Our certified Personal Trainers will guide you through a customized and challenging workout to help you reach your fitness goals. Sessions are tailored to your goals and individualized with one-on-one training. Individual Pilates Reformer Training and Nutrition Counseling are also available.

New! Operation Transformation One-on-One
If it’s time to get serious about weight loss and becoming a healthier you, Operation Transformation: One-on-One is the program you need. Participants will have private appointments with the trainer of their choice. They will meet two days/week for 60 minutes (45 minutes of training and 15 minutes of consultation.) This six week program includes 12 hours of personal training. Trainers will guide participants through workouts for weight loss, provide nutrition tips, and build accountability. Register with your trainer of choice or call (402) 334-6472 for details.

Ongoing Program      
12 Hours of Personal Training
Members: $520   Just $42 per session. Our lowest price yet!

Get the benefits of working with a personal trainer, but in a group of 2 people. You will receive accountability, motivation, support, experience and expert guidance to reach your fitness goals at an economical rate. There are established groups you can join or we can help you organize a new group. Small group personal training sessions can be half hour or 1 hour in length.

Contact Member Services to purchase. Contact the Fitness Center to make an appointment.

Small group sessions are a great way for members to share the cost of working with a certified personal trainer. Plus it provides the built-in benefits of accountability and fun. Groups can be made of 3-6 people. Gather your group of friends / family, choose your trainer and select a time that works for you! Training can be customized to your interests. New Small Group Training options include:

T-Rek Up the Tower Small Group Training
Train as a team, compete as a team! The JCC is proud to partner with WELCOM this year in offering training specific to your T-Rek up the First National Tower. Our trainers will help you prepare your body and mind to make it up the 40 floors, 870 steps, and 633 feet into the sky.

Golf Conditioning Small Group Training
Get your body ready for golf season by increasing your flexibility, mobility, stabilization, strength and power. Golf Conditioning small group training will develop better shoulder turns at the top of a backswing, balance throughout the swing, and can decrease the risk of injuries associated with the sport.

Athletic Enhancement Small Group Training
Improve running mechanics, acceleration / deceleration, multidirectional agility, and body awareness. Athletic Enhancement small group training is the perfect way to gain speed, agility, and plyometric training for basketball and other sports. Sessions will be led by Josh Dolph, CSCS certified Personal Trainer. Josh is a former collegiate athlete who interned for the University of Texas Football strength and conditioning program where he worked with Division 1 football players as well as a number of NFL players.

Pre/Post Natal Small Group Training
Train for the event of a lifetime! Expecting moms and those who have returned from delivery can now train with Maggie, our Pre/Post Natal Corrective Exercise Specialist! Join Maggie to develop:
  • Healthy Weight Gain During Pregnancy
  • Healthier Pregnancies with Fewer Discomforts
  • Fewer Labor & Delivery Interventions
  • Faster Labor Recovery
  • Healthier & Better Adapted Babies
  • Confidence & New Definition of Self
Gain a sense of empowerment that grows within yourself and your family unit. You can achieve the knowledge and skills to have peace of mind and confidence in your body during and after pregnancy! Private and Semi-Private options are also available.

Small Groups meet once a week for 45 minutes. There are no make-ups or refunds for missed sessions. Sessions must be purchased from Member Services prior to attending. Need help finding a group or require more information? Contact Member Services to purchase. Contact the Fitness Center to make an appointment.

One Month: $68 / person        Three Months: $184 / person

Scheduling & Registration

Schedule your Personal Training
We are always happy to assist you during business hours. Stop by the Trainers Desk or call (402) 334-6423 to schedule your appointment. Please remember that all trainers require you give 24-hour notice when scheduling or canceling an appointment. You cannot cancel a session online.


 - Online via our website
 - Call the JCC Registrar at (402) 334-6419
 - Stop by or call Member Services at (402) 334-6426

FOr More information CONTACT:

Maggie Thomas
Interim Fitness Director
(402) 334-6472  |

Fitness Center / Trainers Line
(402) 334-6423 

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