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Add these exercises into your normal routine to help strengthen and build your muscles. Contact the Fitness Center Staff for questions.

Featured Workout: Arms & Core

Prepare for a sleeveless summer with this arm and core workout! This routine is modifiable for everyone. See our Facebook page for video demonstrations and tips!

1) Tricep Kickbacks: Start standing, knees slightly bent, hinged at the waist, elbows pinned to your ribs. With weights in each hand, extend your hands back, contracting the tricep muscle (muscle on the back of your arm). Key tips: Keep your abs tight, knees slightly bent, and elbows pinned to sides. Your upper arm (shoulder to elbow) will not move. This move is extending only your lower arms back. Also, you don’t need to bring the weight up to your shoulders on the return - it is the pushing back of the arms that more important.

2) Elevated Push-Ups: It’s a push-up with extra core work! Place your hands up on a step or bench. (A bar can also be used for more of a standing variation.) Raise into a straight arm plank. Hands should align under the shoulders. Slowly lower towards the ground. Aim for a 90 degree bend in the elbows to engage the chest muscles. Key Tips: Don’t stretch your neck down. Focus on lowering your chest to the step/ bench, not your face. Keep your abs tight and hips up so your back is protected.

3) Rainbow Planks: This is a forearm plank. Begin with forearms on the
floor, elbows under your shoulders, belly on the floor. Raise into a plank, remaining on your forearms. Without dramatically lifting your hips, drop towards the right, return to the starting position, and then drop towards the left. Key Tips: For the movement, think of drawing a rainbow with your rear end. Keep your glutes and core engaged to protect your back.

4) Shoulder Flys: Think chicken wing - alas, not eating one, but moving your arms like a bird flapping its wings. Begin standing. With weights in your hands, bend your elbows to 90 degrees at your sides. Raise your elbows / arms up (flapping bird motion) until your elbows are in line with shoulders. Lower slowly and repeat. Key Tips: Don’t rush through this motion. Take your time raising and lowering your arms. Keep your core engaged.

5) Planks (Straight Arm & Creeping): For the straight arm plank, start with your hands on the floor below the shoulders, toes on the floor, glutes and abs tight, hips slightly above shoulders. Hold. To take this to a creeping plank, bring your right knee to your right elbow, but instead of just bringing your leg straight forward (with the knee facing floor), rotate your leg slightly outward (knee facing more towards wall) and bring forward in more of a side crunch motion. You should feel this in your obliques. Return leg back and repeat on the left side. Key Tips: For the movement, think of Spiderman crawling up a building. You will move your legs in a crawling motion without moving your arms.

6) Bicep Curl & Punch: Begin seated, standing, or kneeling with a weight in each hand, palms facing forward. Pin your upper arms to your sides. One at a time, raise/curl the weight up towards the shoulder and pause. Rotate your hand so the palm now faces down, and slowly punch your arm out towards the front. Key Tip: Alternate arms. If standing or kneeling, do so firmly with your hips under your shoulders, abs engaged. If seated, sit up tall. Move slowly to control the movement and protect your elbows.