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Add these exercises into your normal routine to help strengthen and build your muscles. Contact the Fitness Center Staff for questions.

Featured Workout: Long & Lean With Yoga

Yoga means “union”, to bring together. This routine will bring together a love for yoga with a desire to sweat it out. These poses challenge muscles giving the body strength gains, while elongating for that lean look. Keep a quick pace to see cardiovascular benefits!

1) Mountain Pose: (Preparing) Stand tall, feet together, shoulders down and back, stomach strong, palms facing forward. Breathe in deeply, root feet into the ground and draw taller through the crown of your head with each exhale.

2) Flying Chair: (Legs and Cardiovascular, warming the body) Feet hip distance apart, lower into a seated position. While lowering, put weight into heels and spread toes apart. (Figure 1) Reach arms up, fingers open as you inhale. Exhaling, draw arms down and back making a fist and leap off the mat. For a low impact modification, simply power yourself onto toes and back to a flat foot.

3) Twisted Chair: (Hips, Glutes, Obliques) Return to Chair pose, inhaling, bring hands together to your heart. Exhaling, rotate to your right side bringing left elbow to right knee or thigh. (Figure 2) Remember to keep your weight back in your heels to protect your knees. With your inhale, return to Mountain pose and repeat on the opposite side. Alternate sides for 1 minute.

4) Temple Pose: (Glutes, Thighs) Start in Mountain pose, exhaling, sit to Chair – hands to heart. With next exhale, keeping hips low, step right foot out - wider than your hips, turning both feet - heels in, toes out. (Figure 3) Inhale, reach arms overhead, and with exhale, step in returning to chair. Inhale and exhale to Mountain. Repeat stepping with left this time.

5) Temple Lunges: (Glutes, Thighs, Obliques) Start in Temple pose – feet wider than hips, toes turned out, weight evenly distributed. Reach arms out to shoulder height, palms facing the floor. With an exhale lunge to the right, inhale return to center, and exhale to the left, alternating sides for 1 minute. (Figure 4)

6) Running Dog: (Core, Shoulders, Chest) Come to Downward Facing Dog pose. Shoulders drawn back and towards hips, hands planted firmly on mat with very little bend in wrists. Focus on drawing hips back, bending knees as needed. Exhaling, shift body weight to bring arms directly under shoulders and right knee to right armpit. (Figure 5) Inhale and return to start, exhale bringing left knee to left armpit. Alternate sides for 1 minute.

7) Diabloasana: (Core) Start in a straight arm plank, belly and hips lifted to support the back. Keeping feet separated, exhale rotating both heels to the right allowing hips to follow rotation. (Figure 6) Inhale returning to plank, and exhale swinging the heels to the left. Modifications: drop to knees and rotate hips from side to side, or stay on toes but drop to elbows to alleviate pressure in the wrists/shoulders.

8) Seated Shoulder Stretch & Child’s Pose: (Cool Down) Start sitting on your heels – use pillows, blankets or blocks to help reduce the angle in the knees as needed. Plant hands behind you, fingers facing away. As you exhale, push chest forward, squeeze shoulder blades together, draw belly in and up. Inhale, and exhale in this pose as long as you like. Counter act this stretch with Child’s pose. Bring big toes together, knees apart. With an exhale, lay your torso between legs, arms alongside your legs. Rest here for as many inhales and exhales as needed.