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Class Descriptions

Group Exercise classes are "drop-in" participation and free for all JCC members. No prior registration is needed to attend class. Please note that in the event of holidays and inclement weather, Group Exercise classes may be canceled. Contact Member Services at (402) 334-6426 or visit our website for the latest information.

Please consult the current Group Exercise schedule on the Omaha JCC APP to see if the class is currently in session.


Aqua Zumba (Moderate Intensity)
Set to Latin music and in the water, this class offers a challenging workout with cardio & body-toning moves.

(Low-Moderate Intensity)
Pilates & Water Fitness combine for a total body workout like no other! Poolaties will strengthen your core & have you coming back for more.

Water Fitness (Low-Moderate Intensity)
Use water as your resistance for a great workout. Instructors guide you through varying cardio & strength exercises utilizing water weights, noodles, & other equipment. Water offers a challenging workout with little to no stress on your joints.


Core & Spin (Moderate-High Intensity)
This class will get your heart pumping! Class includes 30 minutes of Spin followed by 15-20 minutes of core sculpting!

Cize Live (Moderate Intensity)
With Cize Live you'll have fun learning professionally choreographed dance routines for an amazing workout!

Dance Fitness (Moderate Intensity)
Dance your way healthy with this 45 minute class. This all cardio workout will feel like a dance party with friends more than a workout.

MixxedFit (Moderate-High Intensity)
Dance & Boot Camp Fitness meet in this high energy class. Build aerobic capacity, coordination, & confidence all while moving to your favorite Hip-Hop tunes.

Master Fitness Cardio (Low Intensity)
Masters Fitness is a great way for active older adults to stay in shape. This class will focus on cardiovascular moves. Light weights, bands & chairs are used in these classes. Express versions of this class will be 30 minutes.

Spin (Moderate-High Intensity)
Get ready to sweat! Lose yourself in this fun, fast paced cardio workout on the spin bikes. Classes are great for beginners & avid riders alike.

Zumba (Moderate-High Intensity)
Set to fun and funky Latin music, this dance inspired workout will have you shaking your way slim. Zumba is a great cardio workout for anyone, no dance experience necessary.


AMPD Resistance (Low Intensity)
This 45 minute class will start with low-impact cardio followed by band resistance. This is a great for building muscle tone. No jumping, no problem!

Barbell Strength (Moderate-High Intensity)
Strengthen your entire body using our newest edition to group fitness—barbells! This class is great for beginners and advanced, lift more or less depending on your strength.

Bosu Core Express (Moderate-High)
Get fab abs with Bosu Core Express. This 30 minute full-body workout will provide special focus on building core strength.

Buns, Core, Thighs (Moderate-High)
Work all your core muscles with this class. Moves will be traditional sculpting moves utilizing various added weights, body weight, and bands.

Master Fitness Circuit (Low Intensity)
Masters Fitness is a great way for active older adults to stay in shape. On Tuesdays & Thursdays this class will focus on strength training moves. Light weights, bands & even chairs are used in these classes. Express versions of this class will be 30 minutes. We also offer Master Fitness Cardio!

Zumba Toning (Moderate Intensity)
Same great music, same fun Zumba moves, but with a strength training twist.


Boot Camp (High Intensity)
Total body, high intensity workout filled with times cardio, strength, & core drills. Challenge yourself, see the benefits!

Cardio Combo (High Intensity)
Aerobic drills will get your heart rate up & strength training moves mixed in will build & tone your muscles.

Go Time (High Intensity)
Ready. Set. Go! This high intensity workout is filled with intervals of cardio, strength & core.

Kid’s Boot Camp (Moderate Intensity)
For kids ages 6-13, this workout will help kids keep moving through the summer, build a healthy workout routine, and learn good form on various exercises. Parents do not need to be present.

PX90 Live (High Intensity)
Carve your best body with strength training, conditioning, motivation and instruction. It's everything you need to achieve personal fitness breakthroughs and TRANSFORM your body.

Ripped (Moderate-High Intensity)
Ripped combines mixed martial arts, strength, modified plyometric & athletic training to really give you that high-energy, total body workout.

Thai Boxing (High Intensity)
This dynamic workout combines kickboxing moves and condition drills used by fighters.


Mat Pilates (Intensity Varies)
Get long, lean & toned! Pilates improves your core muscled strength, flexibility, balance, & posture without building bulk.

PiYo (Moderate Intensity)
A perfect blend of traditional Pilates & Yoga moves this class will help you improve balance & muscle tone while relaxing the mind.

Tai Chi (Low Intensity)
Improve your balance, stability, & focus in Tai Chi. Slow, controlled movements & breathing maintain your physical & mental balance.

Total Barre
(Low-Moderate Intensity)
Total Barre integrates elements of Pilates, dance, cardio, & strength training. Focus on your glutes, hips, abs, & arms with this class.

Yoga (Low-Moderate Intensity)
Designed for all level of yogis, this class will teach basic poses and breathing techniques to beginners, and advanced. Yoga, which means “to join together”, works to combine the various energy levels within the body, ultimately resulting in balance. By achieving and maintaining this balance, one can attain greater physical and mental health. Yoga is for everyone, regardless of fitness level, injury or age.

When participating in our Group Exercise Classes we ask that you please observe the following guidelines and procedures:
• If you are new to a class, speak with the Instructor beforehand. They can give you an idea of the class format and provide details you may need to know.
• Medical clearance from your physician, prior to starting any exercise program, is highly recommended.
• If you are waiting for a class to begin, please do not enter the Aerobic Studio until the current class has finished.
• Be on time! If you are late, please take a spot at the back of class and do your best not to disrupt those already participating.
• Arrive early for all Spin classes, so that you can set up your bike prior to class.
• Wear appropriate workout clothes. Sneakers are required for all classes except Yoga and Pilates. All shoes worn in the Aerobics Studio should be different from your street shoes. Use the benches outside of the Aerobics studio to change your shoes before and after class.
• Remember your personal hygiene and refrain from wearing strong perfume and cologne.
• Water brought into class must be in an unbreakable container. Food is not permitted. You may bring your own towel to class if needed.
• Be respectful and keep conversation to a minimum. All cell phones must be turned OFF or put on silent during class.
• All equipment used (mats, balls, steps, etc.) should be cleaned and returned to their proper storage location when class ends.