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Class Descriptions

Please note that in the event of holidays and inclement weather, Group Exercise classes may be canceled. Contact Member Services at (402) 334-6426 or visit our website for the latest information. To download a PDF of the Group Exercise Schedule, click here.

Group Exercise classes are "drop-in" participation and free for all JCC members. No prior registration is needed to attend class. Questions? Contact Jen Freeman, JCC Group Exercise Coordinator, at (402) 334-6472 or 

Please consult the current Group Exercise schedule to see if the class is currently in session.

Aqua Zumba (Moderate Intensity): Set to latin music, and in the water, this class offers a challenging workout with cardio and body-toning and is exhilarating beyond belief.

Boot Camp (High Intensity): A high intensity workout filled with timed cardio, strength, and core drills. Challenge yourself and see the benefits!

Buns, Core, & Thighs
  (High Intensity): A combination of strength exercises and cardio bursts that will target and tone your glutes, abs, and thighs.

Cardio Combo
(High Intensity): Aerobic drills will get your heart rate up and in fat burning mode! Mixed in strength training exercises will build and tone your muscles. You will never be bored in this class!

Drop-In Volleyball (Moderate Intensity): Games will be in the gym. We will have rules so everyone knows what to expect. Get here early to make sure that you will get a spot on the team.

Go Time (Moderate-High Intensity): Ready. Set. Go! This high intensity workout is filled with intervals of cardio, strength and core. It is the perfect full body workout.

Interval Stretch
(Moderate-High Intensity): Cardio intervals followed by strength training designed to improve muscular & cardio endurance. Not for the faint of heart. This dynamic workout combines real kickboxing moves with conditioning drills used by fighters & athletes.

Thai Boxing (High Intensity): Not for the faint of heart. This dynamic workout combines real kickboxing and Thai boxing moves with conditioning drills used by fighters & athletes.

Master’s Fitness (Low Intensity): A great way for seniors to stay in shape! Mondays & Fridays are cardio, while Tuesdays & Thursdays focus on muscle strength.

Master’s Fitness Express (Low Intensity): The same great Master's Fitness class, but in a 30 minute format.

Mat Pilates (Intensity Varies): Get long, lean & toned! Pilates improves your core muscle strength, flexibility, balance, & posture without building bulk.

Men's Pick Up Basketball (High Intensity): Games will be in the South half of the gym, 5 on 5 when possible. We will have rules so everyone knows what to expect. Get here early! The first 10 are in.

Mixxed Fit (Moderate - High Intensity): Boot camp style class that incorporates Hip Hop music and moves. Build aerobic capacity, coordination, and confidence.

Morning Mix
(Moderate - High Intensity): Who needs coffee when you can wake up with a mix of weights, cardio and abs? This workout will challenge you with intervals of kickboxing, step aerobics, athletic drills, resistance training and core work. Rise and shine!

PiYO (Moderate Intensity) Can’t decide between Yoga or Pilates? Now you can do BOTH in our new PiYo class! It’s the perfect combination of Yoga and mat Pilates to build strength, tone, and body awareness.

Poolaties (Low-Moderate Intensity): Pilates and Water Aerobics combine for a total body work out like no other! Come see for yourself. Poolaties will strengthen your core and have you coming back for more!

POUND (Moderate-High Intensity) POUND is a full-body cardio jam session,
combining light resistance with constant simulated drumming – all while
rocking out to your favorite music. The workout fuses cardio, Pilates, isometric movements, plyometrics and isometric poses into a 45-minute series.

(Moderate-High Intensity): Ripped combines mixed martial arts, strength movements, modified plyometrics, as well as athletic training to really give you that high-energy, total body workout.

Strength on Step (High Intensity): Begin with a warm-up of step, abs, and push-ups, then move into 3 minutes of simple step routines, alternated with 3 minutes of strength work. The class ends with 5 to 7 minutes of abs and stretching.

Spin45 & Spin60 (Moderate-High Intensity): Cycle yourself into better shape with a fun and challenging workout on the spin bikes.

Spin &Core (Moderate-High Intensity): Strength and core exercises are combines with a high energy spin class. It is the perfect mix of cardio and strength training. If you are ready to get a full body blast workout, join us in the Spinning Studio!

Sunday Stretch (Low-Moderate Intensity): 45 minutes where members are encouraged to focus on core strengthening, mild stretching and relaxation.

Tai Chi (Low Intensity): Decrease stress while increasing balance & agility. Slow, controlled movements and breathing maintain your physical & mental balance.

Total Barre (Low-Moderate Intensity): Total Barre integrates elements of Pilates, dance, cardio & strength training. Targeted, micro-isometric exercises focus on strengthening the legs, hips, glutes, abdominals and arms.

Total Body Conditioning
(High Intensity): A fun & fast-paced total body workout. This high tempo class is perfect for both men and women.

Water Fitness (Low-Moderate Intensity): Use water as your resistance for a great workout! Instructors guide you through varying cardio and strength exercises utilizing foam tubes & water weights. A great workout without stress on your joints.

Yoga (Low-Moderate Intensity): Yoga, which means, “to join together” or “yoke”, works to combine the various energy levels within the body, ultimately resulting in balance. Yoga is for everyone, regardless of fitness level, injury or age.
Open Yoga (Low-Moderate Intensity): Designed for all levels of Yogis! Beginners will learn basic poses and breathing techniques, while advanced students will be challenged with a series that is appropriate for their level of experience.

Hatha Yoga (Low-Moderate Intensity): Basis for all other yoga. This class normally combines three elements:physical poses, controlled breathing and a short period of meditation or relaxation at the end.

Zumba (Moderate-High Intensity): Set to Latin music, this fun dance workout will have you shaking your way slim! Tennis shoes are recommended and no dance experience needed!
• Aqua Zumba (Moderate-High Intensity): This water workout will have you shaking your way slim in the pool! This great workout is easier on the joints than regular Zumba.

•  Zumba Toning (Moderate-High Intensity): Traditional Zumba plus more. Strength training and core exercises added in make this a fun and effective workout.

When participating in our Group Exercise Classes we ask that you please observe the following guidelines and procedures:
• If you are new to a class, speak with the Instructor beforehand. They can give you an idea of the class format and provide details you may need to know.
• Medical clearance from your physician, prior to starting any exercise program, is highly recommended.
• If you are waiting for a class to begin, please do not enter the Aerobic Studio until the current class has finished.
• Be on time! If you are late, please take a spot at the back of class and do your best not to disrupt those already participating.
• Arrive early for all Spin classes, so that you can set up your bike prior to class.
• Wear appropriate workout clothes. Sneakers are required for all classes except Yoga and Pilates. All shoes worn in the Aerobics Studio should be different from your street shoes. Use the benches outside of the Aerobics studio to change your shoes before and after class.
• Remember your personal hygiene and refrain from wearing strong perfume and cologne.
• Water brought into class must be in an unbreakable container. Food is not permitted. You may bring your own towel to class if needed.
• Be respectful and keep conversation to a minimum. All cell phones must be turned OFF or put on silent during class.
• All equipment used (mats, balls, steps, etc.) should be cleaned and returned to their proper storage location when class ends.