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JCC Dance training company

Director: Esther Katz, (402) 334-6406.

The JCC Dance Training Company is  for ages 12-18 and  gives dancers the opportunity to perform and gain experience in settings other than class, recital, or competition groups. It allows dancers to refine their technique while gaining experience learning choreography and participating in the choreography process. Through performances, participants also get to share the true art and love of dance with the elderly, disabled, and the general Omaha population.

JCC Dance Training Company is More than Just Dancing

by: Rachel Kricsfel
This is my second year as a member of the Training Company. When I first auditioned, I was terrified. I felt extremely intimidated due to the fact that I was performing right next to the older dancers who I had been looking up to for such a long time. It’s insane to think that I’m close friends with the same dancers now. The Company gave me a chance to open up to new friends, even some that are years older than me. Right away, the fabulous director and leader of the Training Company, Esther Katz, had us do some icebreaking activities and bonding exercises. From the very start, I felt like I was important to the Company.

The Training Company is more than just another weekly dance class. It’s a chance for me to work on my dancing and my friendships in a nurturing environment with the best people around me. As the “rip•ple ef•fect” performance is approaching, we’ve had more time to bond like sisters rather than friends. We even had the opportunity to see the Moscow Festival Ballet perform “Cinderella,” at the Orpheum together as a group. I’m honored to be a part of the JCC Dance Training Company and look forward to performing “rip•ple ef•fect” for the community on March 18th.


We hold auditions once a year in September. Please arrive to the audition 15 minutes early. The audition class will include ballet, modern, and jazz technique and will take place in the JCC Dance studio. If you have questions, please contact Esther Katz at (402) 334-6404 or

Audition Attire
Black leotard & pink convertible tights. Hair must be in bun.
Footwear: Ballet slippers, Pointe shoes (if on pointe), & Jazz shoes (optional)

• Must be at least 12 years of age
• If in the JCC Dance program, must at level of Ballet IV, Jazz V, or Modern V
• If not in the JCC Dance program, must be advanced dancer with at least 5 years of Ballet training.
• All dancers must be taking at least three technique classes per week - not including pointe.

Audition Fee
$10 for JCC Members  |  $15 for Non Members
Please bring exact change or a check made out to the JCC

Participation Fee (if chosen)
$152 /year JCC Members  |  $190/year Non
This fee includes everything for the year. There will be no additional costs.



JCC Dance Training Company Spring 2015 Concert

JCC Dancers perform at the UNO Fall Showcase - November, 2013
The JCC Dance Training Company represented the JCC Dance Department beautifully at the UNO Fall Showcase on Sunday, November 17th. Not only did they perform like professionals, but they acted like professionals everywhere they went. Audience members and UNO performers complimented me on both their artistic and technical ability and on how mature and nice all of the girls are. I am a very proud director and we should be a very proud community!

Choreographed by Tamara Cardin
 Dancers: Colleen Halpin, Suzy Fendrick, Kathryn   Fuxa, Kielynn Havermann, Theresa Bracht, Kristen Koley, Abby Hack and choreographer, Tamara Cardin.  At right:
Training Company Members not dancing, but showing their support: Emily Kazor, Kasey Freeman, Suzie Stolz, Theresa Trautman, Nina Oleynikov, and Claire Halpin

JCC Dance Training Company Spring 2013 Concert

JCC Dance Training Company Keeps Busy
by Esther Katz, JCC Cultural Arts Director

The JCC Dance Training Company had a busy and exciting summer! As soon as the JCC Dance Recital was over, we began rehearsing diligently for their next show that was at an Indian Wedding. Five members wowed the audience with a Bollywood performance choreographed by me. The members who participated said it was an amazing experience.

The Dance Training Co. has also spent the summer learning more pieces, including cultural dances. One of the graduating members, Moira Delaney, not only has been trained in Ballet, Jazz and Modern at the JCC, but also has been classically trained in Japanese Fan Dancing. She shared her knowledge and although she is graduating, Moira leaves behind a piece that we will share at venues throughout the city.

The Dance Training Co. has also learned 2 new pieces for the 45 Degrees Celsius 2.0 show that is being held at Aksarben Village on Sunday, August 12 at 7:00 pm. (It is free!) After our performance last year, they specifically asked us to dance again!

Come Fall, after auditions for new members, we will be working on a piece that will be performed at the Orpheum Theater during the Omaha Performing Arts celebration of the Rite of Spring. Originally choreographed by Nijinsky, Rite of Spring has been recreated by the Joffrey Ballet and is touring this year in celebration of its 100th anniversary. Omaha Performing Arts invited the JCC Dance Training Co. to be a part of their celebration by performing on Thursday, February 28th at 7:30 pm. Once again, it is a FREE performance and we want YOU to attend!

For more information contact:

Esther Katz
Director of Performing Arts
(402) 334-6406

Jessica Westerlin
Assistant Director of Performing Arts
(402) 334-6402  |