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Summer Fun Days offer the same engaging activities, but allow for greater flexibility in scheduling, as per-day registration is available. Summer Fun Days are open to Members and Non Members in K-7th grade. They are offered in June and also during the week of July 4th. Register for the entire week or individual days.

Thursday, May 23  |  Throwback Thursday
Travel back in time. Have a root beer float at a 1950’s diner, tie-dye in the 1960’s, and disco dance through the 1970’s.
(code:09-0523  /  +B/A Care:09-0523BA)

Friday, May 24  |  Real Life Games
How many games can we bring to life? Board games, video
games, strategy games, we are going to explore them all.
(code:09-0524  /  +B/A Care:09-0524BA  /  +Pizza Friday:09-0524P)

Monday, May 27  |  Youth Department Closed

Tuesday, May 28  |  Pancakes & Pajamas
Wear your comfy clothes! We’ll make and decorate pancakes at our pancake bar and do other pajama party themed activities.
(code:09-0528  /  +B/A Care:09-0528BA)

Wednesday, May 29  |  Party Like It's Your Birthday
This all-day birthday party will have cake, games, piñatas and more.
(code:09-0529  /  +B/A Care:09-0529BA)

Thursday, May 30  |  Senses & Sensibility
Test all five of your senses during this sensational day!
(code:09-0530  /  +B/A Care:09-0530BA)

Special! Thursday, May 30  |  Worlds & Oceans of Fun
4th-7th graders: Zip on roller coasters and water slides and lounge on a lazy river. Breakfast, dinner & snacks included. Bring a dairy lunch.
(code:09-0530WOF)  For incoming 4th-7th grade only. Min:13 / Max:26

Friday, May 31  |  Mini Maccabi Wars
It’s a day of competitive fun. We’ll form teams and compete in ways that will test our strength, speed, intelligence and team spirit.
(code:09-0531  /  +B/A Care:09-0531BA  /  +Pizza Friday:09-0531P)

Monday, July 1  |  Making Faces
We’ll explore for faces in unexpected places and have emoji fun!
(code:09-0701  /  +B/A Care:09-0701BA)

Tuesday, July 2  |  Crazy Chemical Reactions
We’ll see science in action as we conduct some crazy experiments.
(code:09-0702  /  +B/A Care:09-0702BA)

Special!  Tuesday, July 2  |  Adventureland
4th-7th graders: Enjoy roller coasters, rides & swimming at Adventureland! Breakfast, dinner & snacks provided. Bring a dairy lunch.
(code:09-0702ADV)  For incoming 4th-7th grade only. Min:13 /Max:26

Wednesday, July 3 |  Party in the U.S.A.
It’s a patriotic party with red, white and blue fun all day long.
(code:09-0703  /  +B/A Care:09-0703BA)

Thursday, JULY 4  |  Youth Department Closed

Friday, July 5  |  Toy Story
Do toys really come to life when they are alone? Today we’ll bring toys to life with our imaginations and take a trip to see ‘Toy Story 4’.
code:09-0705  /  +B/A Care:09-0705BA  /  +Pizza Friday:09-0705P)

Monday, August 12  |  Shark Shenanigans
It’s a shark frenzy! Make shark themed snacks and crafts, play Sharks and Minnows and have our own Shark Tank show.
(code:09-0812  /  +B/A Care:09-0812BA)

Tuesday, August 13  |  Cruise Ship Misadventures
The JCC cruise ship is scheduled to set sail for a morning of fun. Will the day be smooth sailing or might we encounter troubled waters?
(code:09-0813  /  +B/A Care:09-0813BA)

Wednesday, August 14  |  Summer Snow Day
Cool down with snowball fights, hot chocolate and winter craft fun! We will even take a field trip to Moylan Ice Complex for ice skating.
(code:09-0814  /  +B/A Care:09-0814BA)

Thursday, August 15  |  Fear Factor
Are you afraid of the dark? Would you ever eat a bug? Can you walk blindfolded through an obstacle course? Get ready to face your fears.
(code:09-0815  /  +B/A Care:09-0815BA)

Friday, August 16  |  No Theme Day
Who says we need a theme to have fun? Spend the last day of  the summer enjoying some surprise activities.
(code:09-0816  /  +B/A Care:09-0816BA  /  +Pizza Friday:09-0816P)

Registrations are accepted until 4:30 p.m. the Wednesday BEFORE a session begins.
Camps fill quickly. To be guaranteed  a spot, please register as soon as possible.

• Call the JCC Registrar, Johannah Berkey, at (402) 334-6419
• Stop by or call Member Services at (402) 334-6426

Allison Burger, Director of Youth Programs
(402) 334-6409  |

Amanda Welsh, Assistant Director of Youth Programs
(402) 590-2152  |