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Summer Fun Days offer  the same engaging activities, but allow for greater flexibility in scheduling, as per-day registration is available. Summer Fun Days are open to Members and Non Members in K-7th grade. They are offered in June and also during the week of July 4th. Register for the entire week or individual days.

Download a Summer Fun Day & Camp Overview here.

Thursday, May 25  |  Strike
We’re heading to the bowling alley. Strikes, spares, and even gutter balls will lead to goodies and prizes.
code:09-0525  /  +B/A Care:09-0525BA

Friday, May 26  |  Food Fusion
Explore healthy lifestyles through activities like games/relays, an obstacle course, and healthy snacks. Don’t forget to register for Pizza Friday! For $5 kids get pizza, fruit, drink and dessert.
code:09-0526  /  +B/A Care:09-0526BA

Monday, May 29  |  Youth Department Closed

Tuesday, May 30  |  School’s Out for Summer
Let’s celebrate the first days of summer by spending time outside swimming at the pool and creating new memories.
code:09-0530  /  +B/A Care:09-0530BA

Wednesday, May 31  |  Goin’ Green
Renew, Reuse, Recycle. Learn about recycling, create something new out of something old, and build a solar oven.
code:09-0531  /  +B/A Care:09-0531BA

Thursday, June 1  |  Camp Games
Become immersed in exciting and active games like gaga, steal the bagel, three sticks, and more.  
code:09-0601  /  +B/A Care:09-0601BA

Special! Thursday, June 1  |  Worlds & Oceans of Fun
4th-8th graders: Spend the day zipping on roller coasters, lounging on the lazy river and flying down water slides at Worlds & Oceans of Fun! Breakfast, dinner and snacks included. Please bring a dairy lunch.
code:09-0601WOF   *For incoming 4th-8th graders only

Friday, June 2  |  Art Explosion
Splat, plop, and kaboom to create a work of art. Discover new art forms through science experiments. Don’t forget to register for Pizza Friday! For $5 kids get pizza, fruit, drink and dessert.
code:09-0602  /  +B/A Care:09-0602BA

Monday, July 3  |  Stars & Stripes
Celebrate Independence Day with red, white & blue projects & snacks.
code:09-0703  /  +B/A Care:09-0703BA

Tuesday, JULY 4  |  Youth Department Closed

Wednesday, July 5  |  Lazy Day at the J
Bring your pillow and wear your PJ’s for movies and gym time!
code:09-0705  /  +B/A Care:09-0705BA

Thursday, July 6  |  Winter in July
Snow ball fights, snow flakes, and snow science in July? You bet! Enjoy your favorite parts of winter during the summer!
code:09-0706  /  +B/A Care:09-0706BA

Special!  Thursday, July 6  |  Adventureland
4th-8th graders: Enjoy roller coasters, bumper cars & swimming at Adventureland! Breakfast, dinner & snacks provided. Bring a dairy lunch.
code:09-0706ADV   *For incoming 4th-8th graders only

Friday, July 7  |  Pirate Day
Arggg Matey! Create an eye patch, train a parrot and be on your way to becoming a full-fledged pirate. Don’t forget to register for Pizza Friday! For $5 kids get pizza, fruit, drink and dessert.
code:09-0707  /   +B/A Care:09-0707BA

Monday, August 14  |  Movie Day

Visit a local theatre to see a movie while you munch on popcorn.We will also spend some time in the afternoon at the pool.
code:09-0814  /  +B/A Care:09-0814BA

Tuesday, August 15  |  Sports Sampler

It’s a full day of all sorts of sports. Bring a water bottle to stay hydrated!
code:09-0815  /  +B/A Care:09-0815BA

Wednesday, August 16  |  Mad Science

Get your hands dirty with ooey, gooey concoctions as we investigate the magic of science.
code:09-0816  /  +B/A Care:09-0816BA

Thursday, August 17 |  All Around Omaha
Visit Omaha’s best including the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge, the downtown slides, and more. Have a picnic lunch followed by ice cream at a local shop before we head back to the J to swim.
code:09-0817  /  +B/A Care:09-0817BA

Friday, August 18  |  Back to School

Design duct tape school supplies, get in one last swim, and eat one last ice cream sundae before school starts. Don’t forget to register for Pizza Friday! For $5 kids get pizza, fruit, drink and dessert.
code:09-0818  /  +B/A Care:09-0818BA


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