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Summer Fun Days offer the same engaging activities, but allow for greater flexibility in scheduling, as per-day registration is available. Summer Fun Days are open to Members and Non Members in K-7th grade. They are offered in June and also during the week of July 4th. Register for the entire week or individual days.

Mandatory Medical Forms
Parents MUST complete a Youth Health Form and Medication Form (for each child) and return it to the JCC Youth Department on or before the first day of camp. The Health Form should be updated every year. Download the Youth Health Form here and the Medication Form here.

Thursday, May 24  |  CAMP ROCK
Wanna Rock and Roll all day long? Dance parties, musical
games and a Lip Sync Battle will make this day ROCK!
code:09-0524  /  +B/A Care:09-0524BA

Do you have what it takes to become a superhero? Spend the day training to be the best superhero we can be!
code:09-0525  /  +B/A Care:09-0525BA  /  +Pizza Friday:09-0525P

Monday, May 28  |  Youth Department Closed

Tuesday, May 29  |  SCHOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMER
Let’s celebrate the first days of summer by spending time outside swimming at the pool and creating new memories.
code:09-0529  /  +B/A Care:09-0529BA

Wednesday, May 30  |  SPORTS GALORE
It’s a full day of sports of all sorts. Remember to bring a water bottle to help you stay hydrated!
code:09-0530  /  +B/A Care:09-0530BA

Thursday, May 31  |  PAJAMA DAY
Come to the J dressed in your comfiest pajamas for a day of crafts, gym time and a movie.
code:09-0531  /  +B/A Care:09-0531BA

Special! Thursday, May 31 |  WORLDS & OCEANS OF FUN
4th-8th graders: Spend the day zipping on roller coasters, lounging on the lazy river and flying down water slides at Worlds & Oceans of Fun! Breakfast, dinner and snacks included. Please bring a dairy lunch.
code:09-0531WOF   For incoming 4th-8th graders only

Friday, June 1  |  SPLASHIN’ AROUND
Water wars, relays, swimming and more. Pack your swimsuit because we’ll be splashing around all day long!
code:09-0601  /  +B/A Care:09-0601BA  /  +Pizza Friday:09-0601P

Monday, July 2  |  MOVIE DAY
Visit a local theatre to see a movie while you munch on popcorn. We will also spend some time in the afternoon at the pool.
code:09-0702  /  +B/A Care:09-0702BA

Tuesday, July 3  |  STARS & STRIPES
We will make fireworks in a jar, make firework crafts, enjoy
America’s favorite pastime of baseball and make s’mores!
code:09-0703  /  +B/A Care:09-0703BA

Special!  Tuesday, July 3  |  ADVENTURELAND
4th-8th graders: Enjoy roller coasters, bumper cars & swimming at Adventureland! Breakfast, dinner & snacks provided. Bring a dairy lunch.
code:09-0703ADV   For incoming 4th-8th graders only 

Wednesday, JULY 4  |  Youth Department Closed

Thursday, July 5  |  OUT OF THIS WORLD
Climb aboard as we explore outer space. We will make our own spaceships and hunt for aliens. 1…2…3… BLAST OFF!
code:09-0705  /  +B/A Care:09-0705BA

Friday, July 6  |  WINTER IN JULY
Snow ball fights, snow flakes, ice skating and snow science in July? You bet! Have winter during the summer!  Pack long socks!
code:09-0706  /  +B/A Care:09-0706BA  /  +Pizza Friday:09-0706P

Monday, August 13  |  RELAXIN’ AT THE J
Sit back, relax and take it easy today. Crafts, reading, spa time, a movie and more will keep us relaxed all day long.
code:09-0813  /  +B/A Care:09-0813BA

Tuesday, August 14  |  TRASH TO TREASURE
Renew. Reuse. Recycle. Whether it be a new invention or piece of art, you’ll create new out of old. Use your creativity and imagination!
code:09-0814  /  +B/A Care:09-0814BA

Wednesday, August 15  |  SUPER SCIENTISTS
Crazy science experiments, ooey gooey creations and sticky situations... you’ll be a super scientist by the end of the day.
code:09-0815  /  +B/A Care:09-0815BA

Thursday, August 16 |  ALL AROUND OMAHA
Visit the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge, the downtown slides, and more. Have a picnic lunch followed by ice cream at a local creamery.
code:09-0816  /  +B/A Care:09-0816BA

Friday, August 17  |  LUAU AT THE J
Aloha! Limbo and hula all day long at our Hawaiian Luau at the J!
code:09-0817  /  +B/A Care:09-0817BA /  +Pizza Friday:09-0817P

"Early" rates expire April 2, 2018
• Online
• Call the JCC Registrar at (402) 334-6419
• Return a completed registration form, with payment,
to Member Services, or call them at (402) 334-6426

Allison Burger, Director of Youth Programs
(402) 334-6409  |

Amanda Welsh, Assistant Director of Youth Programs
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