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Fun and learning go hand-in-hand for K-7th graders in our Premiere Youth Camps. These new programs provide exciting activities in areas of popular interest.

Registration for each weekly camp will close at 4:30 p.m. the Wednesday before camp takes place.

June 5-9  |  Icky Sticky Creations
   Grades: K-2  |  code: 09-4001
Put on your lab coats and safety goggles! Get ready to experiment with all sorts of slimy and gooey stuff during Icky Sticky Creations week! Make slime, play dough, create explosions with soda, and more. Warning to parents: campers may come home with sticky and/or slimy things!

June 5-9  | Baking Bliss   Grades: 3-6  |  code: 09-4002
Indulge your sweet tooth! Dust off your aprons and get ready to bake some sweet treats! Over this fun, five day camp, kids will practice following recipes, measuring ingredients and following safe practices while baking alongside fellow campers. Food allergies can be accommodated. Please inform the instructor of any food allergies you have before the start of this camp.

June 12-16  |  Secret Agent   Grades 1-3  |  code: 09-4003
Shhh… We’re going on a secret mission. Grab your magnifying glass and join us for a week of secretive, sneaky fun! Create a spy kit, participate in scavenger hunts and work together to solve mysteries to keep trouble away from camp!

June 12-16  |  Girl Power   Grades: 3-6  |  code: 09-4004
Girl Power camp focuses on a full range of special activities such as science, arts and crafts, group games, and more. The goal of this camp is to show girls they can achieve any objective they set their mind to. By interacting with others and learning new skills, girls develop a stronger self-image. Hands-on problem solving activities including challenge games and creative projects, promote confidence and achievement.

June 26-30  |  Wizarding World of Harry Potter   Grades: 2-7  |  code: 09-4005
Back by popular demand! Campers entering 2nd-7th grade are invited to explore the magical world of Harry Potter at Omaha’s own Hogwarts! Enjoy a week of potions, magic, Quidditch and more! Campers will be sorted into a “house”, take their broomsticks on fun outdoor adventures to collect house points, play games, and concoct fizzing, bubbling, smoking and colorful potions!

July 10-14  |  Fear Factor   Grades: 2-4  |  code: 09-4006
Are you ready for an adventure? If so, Fear Factor camp is for you! Enjoy creepy and slimy hands-on activities, challenges, and fun! Campers will leave Fear Factor camp feeling a sense of accomplishment for trying new things and, possibly, conquering a few fears!

July 17-21  |  Imaginarium   Grades: K-2  |  code: 09-4007
Calling all kindergarten through 2nd graders with BIG imaginations! Campers will create and invent using Legos, recycled materials and more. Creations will be displayed at our All Camp Talent Show. Imaginarium will spark inspiration for future waves of big, bright thinkers while also providing serious fun in the process!

July 17-21  |  Imaginarium   Grades: 3-6  |  code: 09-4008
Attention 3rd through 6th graders: Get ready to have your creativity, innovation, and problem-solving skills challenged in fun and exciting ways! Participate in kid-created games and challenges, create a new invention, concoct a new use for everyday items, and more. Your creations will be displayed at the All Camp Talent Show. Imaginarium will spark inspiration for future waves of big, bright thinkers while also providing serious fun in the process!

July 24-28  |  Art In Nature   Grades: K-2  |  code: 09-4009
Bring out the nature-loving artist in you! Campers are invited to learn how art and nature intersect, using nature as their medium. Each day will be filled with outdoor explorations, hands-on activities, and time to create lots of art. Create critters from natural objects, make unique pieces of work using recycled materials, and much more!

July 24-28  |  Art Around the Globe   Grades: 3-6  |  code: 09-4010
Are you ready for an artistic adventure? Explore art around the globe! Every culture expresses creativity in different ways. Travel the world through different times and places to learn, see, and create. Explore types of art, learn about various cultures, and create art in new and exciting ways. Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and Australia are waiting! Let’s go!

July 31 - August 4  |  Grossology  
Grades: K-3  |  code: 09-4011
Burps, farts, boogers and scabs… oh my! The things we usually think of as gross are actually important functions of our bodies. Campers will learn about bodily functions through science experiments and
hands-on activities. Campers will become certified “grossologists” by the end of this camp.

  Megan Webb, Director of Youth Programs
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