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J Camp is for K-7th grade members and non members who want a well-rounded day camp experience. J Camp provides a little bit of everything. Based mostly outdoors in our Day Camp Pavilion, activities include arts and crafts, sports, nature, cooking, science, Israeli culture and team building. Along with trying new things with one’s camp group, each camper, second grade and above gets a choice activity (chugim) each week, where they participate in special programming like ceramics, team sports, cooking and more! Kindergarten and first grade groups participate in swim lessons three times per week (unless otherwise noted). Each week all campers will experience an off-site field trip, an on-site field trip or  optional undernight / overnight. Camp participation is determined by the grade your child will enter in the fall of 2019.

K-3rd Grade Camp
K: Min:6 / Max:24   1st-3rd: Min:8 / Max:24 per grade
K-3rd grade J Camp is our traditional summer day camp experience that provides a little bit of everything for
kids to enjoy (schedule at right). Campers will be split into age based groups for age appropriate activities. K-3rd grade J Camp runs from 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

4th-7th Grade Camp
Min:10 / Max:26
4th-7th grade J Camp is designed to encourage independent thinking, decision-making, social and community engagement. Campers will spend more time operating as their own unit and will go on separate field trips each week. Field trips that occur within the
week are included in the registration fee. 4th-7th grade J Camp runs from 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Before & After Care
Campers that need to be dropped off before 9:00 a.m. or picked up after 4:00 p.m. have the option of registering for Before and After Care. Before Care runs from 7:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. and After Care runs from 4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. Before and After Care is offered for Summer Fun Days (registration per day) and all K-7th grade camps (registration per week). Children still at camp at 4:15 p.m. will be automatically enrolled into After Care at the $15 drop-in rate. Learn more here.

NEW!  Undernight & Overnight Add-On Options
Optional Undernights and Overnights are offered during week 3 and week 8. Additional registration is required. Participants must be registered for the camp week in which the undernight / overnight is taking place. Please register for the overnight / undernight by Tuesday the week of.

Undernights are for K-7th graders and run from 4:00-8:00 p.m. Undernights include:
  • Special Games & Activities
  • Dinner & Snacks
  • Evening Swim

Overnights are for 2nd-7th graders and run from 4:00 p.m. Thursday through 9:00 a.m. Friday. Participants will go straight to camp on Friday morning. A list of items to bring can be found in the Parents Manual.
Overnights include:
  • Special Games & Outdoor Activities
  • Dinner, Snacks & Breakfast
  • Evening Swim
  • Sleep-Over in Social Hall / Auditorium

Pizza Fridays Are Included With J Camp Registration!
Every Friday campers will enjoy a delicious lunch of pizza, fresh fruit or vegetables, a drink, and dessert. Please let us know head of time if your camper(s) have any allergies or dietary restrictions (kosher, gluten-free, etc.) Pizza Friday is included in J-Camp registration, but are not included in Summer Fun Days.

Week 3: June 17-21  |   SCIENCE FICTION FUN  Off-Site Field Trip
Who you gonna call? J Campers!  This week we’ll train to be Ghostbusters and superheros, get lost in the Twilight Zone, and possibly even meet a visitor from another planet.
(K: 09-1003  /  1st: 09-1103  /  2nd: 09-1203  /  3rd: 09-1303  /  4th-5th: 09-1403  /  6th-7th: 09-1603)

Week 4: June 24-28  |  CURTAIN CALL  On-Site Field Trip
Get into character for a week of theater fun. We’ll go to Rydell High in Grease, visit Glinda in the Land of Oz and explore other Broadway shows. Stage games, acting classes and Broadway themed activities will prepare us for our end of week J Camp Talent Show.
(K: 09-1004  /  1st: 09-1104  /  2nd: 09-1204  /  3rd: 09-1304  /  4th-5th: 09-1404  /  6th-7th: 09-1604)

Week 5: July 1-5  |  SUMMER FUN DAYS

Week 6: July 8-12  |  CAMP SEUSS   Off-Site Field Trip
Oh, the places we’ll go! We’ll visit Horton, try to save Whoville, make a mess with Thing 1 & Thing 2, work with the Lorax to save the environment and see what would happen if we ran the zoo!
(K: 09-1006  /  1st: 09-1106  /  2nd: 09-1206  /  3rd: 09-1306  /  4th-5th: 09-1406  /  6th-7th: 09-1606)

Week 7: July 15-19  |  MCCABI COLOR WARS   On-Site Field Trip
Get your game face on! Camp will be split up into teams for a week full of competitive games, challenges, team spirit and sportsmanship. Only one team can be our winner. Good luck!
(K: 09-1007  /  1st: 09-1107  /  2nd: 09-1207  /  3rd: 09-1307  /  4th-5th: 09-1407  /  6th-7th: 09-1607)

Week 8: July 22-26  |  LET'S TALK TELEVISION  Undernight / Overnight
J Camp takes on television. We will compete in game shows, become American Ninja Warriors, explore Saturday morning cartoons and have our own baking show competition.
(K: 09-1008  /  1st: 09-1108  /  2nd: 09-1208  /  3rd: 09-1308  /  4th-5th: 09-1408  /  6th-7th: 09-1608)

Week 9: July 29 - August 2  |  GAMING GALORE   Off-Site Field Trip
Press ‘A’ to begin a week that will bring popular video games to life! We’ll explore the world of Fortnite, Mario Cart, Minecraft, Angry Birds and more.
(K: 09-1009  /  1st: 09-1109  /  2nd: 09-1209  /  3rd: 09-1309  /  4th-5th: 09-1409  /  6th-7th: 09-1609)

Week 10: August 5-9  |  A UNIVERSAL UTOPIA  On-Site Field Trip
Can we make it through the last week when it’s taken over by Dinosaurs, Minions, Dragons and Ogres? Join us and see. We pinky promise this week is going to be filled with fun.    
(K: 09-1010  /  1st: 09-1110  /  2nd: 09-1210  /  3rd: 09-1310  /  4th-5th: 09-1410  /  6th-7th: 09-1610)

Post Camp: AUGUST 11-15  |  SUMMER FUN DAYS  

Registrations are accepted until 4:30 p.m. the Wednesday BEFORE a session begins.
Camps fill quickly. To be guaranteed a spot, please register as soon as possible.

• Call the JCC Registrar, Johannah Berkey,  at (402) 334-6419
• Stop by or call Member Services at (402) 334-6426

Allison Burger, Director of Youth Programs
(402) 334-6409  |

Amanda Welsh, Assistant Director of Youth Programs
(402) 590-2152  |