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Inclement Weather Policies

Indoor & Outdoor Pool Inclement Weather Policy
The Inclement Weather Policy and Procedures established by the National Weather Service, applies to both the indoor & outdoor pools. In the event of inclement weather involving lightning and thunder the following procedures will be observed in both the outdoor and indoor pools.

THUNDER: Pools will close for 30 minutes, meaning no one is allowed in either body of water.

LIGHTNING: Pools will be closed. Pools will reopen 30 minutes post
storm or when deemed appropriate by the Aquatics Department.

Please contact the Aquatics Department at (402) 334-6473 if you have questions regarding the Indoor & Outdoor Pool Inclement Weather Policy.


Little Lions Winter League Inclement Weather Policy
If we are to cancel games, we will give two hours’ notice to the coaches. For example, if we are going to cancel 1230pm games, we will make the decision and communicate it by 1030am. The coaches will be emailed and called. You may also call the JCC membership desk at 402-334-6426 to get the most up to date information.

Dance Department Inclement Weather Policy

In the event of inclement weather, there will be a message on the Dance Departments outgoing voice mail (402-334-6406). Please check 1 hour prior to the start time of your class to find out if class is canceled or continuing as normal. We DO NOT follow suit with School Closings, so please call. You may also call the Front Desk (402-334-8200) or Member Services (402) 334-6426 to get the latest information.

General weather related closing questions can be directed to...
Member Services Desk: 402-334-6426
Front Desk: 402-334-8200
CDC Front Desk: 402-334-6413