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We are excited to announce that the next phase of our campus renovation is about to take place! Over the next several months we will refurbish the indoor pool, add an indoor family-friendly recreational pool, and construct a new Mind-Body studio. Each campus renovation is done in accordance with our mission of building and maintaining a vibrant Jewish community, not only for today but for generations to come.

One Way Traffic Flow to Begin May 6th


(4/26/19) Starting May 6th, the southern portion of the ring road around campus will be restricted. A section of road (near Friedel Jewish Academy) will be narrowed down to one, eastbound, lane. This one-way (eastbound) traffic zone will continue up to the drive of the Pennie Z. Davis Child Development Center. Past this point, the normal, two-way, traffic flow will resume. As construction continues, please be mindful of the trucks and heavy construction equipment that will be moving around campus. This change will remain in effect until the construction work on the indoor pool is completed.

Indoor Pool Closure Begins May 6
Starting May 6th the Indoor Pool will close for renovation. The outdoor competition pool ONLY will be open in it's place. For more information, click here.

Phase II Renovations to Begin

(3/25/19) You can expect to see the following projects take place on our campus. Please remember that all dates/ information listed is tentative and subject to change. We will do our best to communicate updates with you.

New! Indoor Aquatic Center
The new Indoor Aquatic Center will feature: 
  • Refurbished Lap Pool: With 6 full lanes, new filter / gutter system & easy access stair entry
  • Large Water Slide
  • Lazy River
  • Aqua Play Area
  • Fitness Vortex
  • Zero Depth Entry Recreational Pool

Mind-Body Studio
A new Mind-Body studio will be put in place of the current canteen area. It will be used for classes like Yoga, Mat Pilates & Total Barre. The space will also include a gender-neutral restroom.


The projected time-line for the Indoor Aquatic Center is as follows. Please remember that all dates are tentative, weather permitting and subject to change. Click here for a tentative schedule of pool hours.

April 2019  |  Site Preparation for Addition
Construction crews will prepare the site for the indoor pool addition. The indoor pool will remain open during this time.

May 2019  |  Indoor Pool CLOSES
We are making every effort to always have a body of water available for our members.  Upon closure of indoor pool, the heated outdoor competition pool will be available for open swim, water walking, swim lessons, programs & water based Group Exercise classes. ONLY the outdoor competition pool will open at this time. Use of the water features in the competition pool area will NOT be allowed. The entire Goldstein Family Aquatic Center will open in late May.

June 2019  |  Canteen CLOSES / Construction of Mindy Body Studio Begins
Starting in June, the Canteen ( the space outside of the Youth Lounge) will close. This space will be repurposed into a Mind Body studio. This space will be used for classes like Yoga, Mat Pilates & Total Barre. The space will include a gender-neutral restroom. We are aiming to open this space by the Fall.

Winter 2019  |  Refurbished Indoor Pool OPENS
We are aiming to have the refurbished indoor pool reopen by the winter of 2019. Only the refurbished lap pool would open at this time. Pool improvements include 6 full lanes, a new filter / gutter system, and easy access stair entry.

Spring 2020  |   Entire Indoor Aquatic Center OPENS
We are aiming to open the entire indoor aquatic center open by spring of 2020. The new family-friendly recreational pool will include a fitness vortex, large water slide, lazy river, aqua play area, and zero entry recreational pool!

Renovation Questions?
Email Alan Potash at or Mark Martin at

Programming Questions?
Call the Aquatics office at (402) 334-6473 or Member Services at (402) 334-6426. 


Health Spa Improvements to Take Place (9/7/18)
This September, while the facility is closed for Jewish holidays, additional improvements will be made to the Men's and Women's Health Spas. New carpet, lighting, and countertop overlays will be installed. New furniture will be placed in the Women's Spa and improvements to the steam room in the Men's Spa will also take place. We thank you for your understanding and patience as we work to provide you with the best facilities possible. If you are interested in upgrading your Membership to include Health Spa amenities, please contact Member Services at (402) 334-6426.

Welcome to the JCC Goldstein Family Aquatic Center!

(5/28/18) The JCC is excited to announce that the outdoor JCC Goldstein Family Aquatic Centeris complete!

- Competition Pool with Diving Board & Aqua Climb Wall
- Lazy River
- Family Pool with Aqua Play Structure
- Splash Pad 
- Water Slide
- Concession Stand
- Bathhouse with Family Changing Room
- Large Deck Space with Seating
Click here to see more!

Small Projects Begin Week of April 1st (3/20/18)
Two small scale construction projects will begin the week of April 1st. Weather permitting, these projects should only take a few days to complete. (See below for details). We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding as we work to bring you a premiere facility.
Lower Level  Fitness Center Parking Lot Sidewalk

Starting April 2nd or 3rd, the parking spots along the sidewalk of the lower level fitness center parking lot will be closed while the contractors remove, grade, and repave the sidewalk. The projected reopen date is Saturday, April 7.
Campus Road Closure
Starting April 3rd, the one-way section of the road near Friedel Jewish Academy (the section of the road that is currently restricted to one lane) will be completely closed in order to complete sewer work. The excavation should take two days, weather permitting. The projected date for one-way traffic to resume is Thursday, April 5.

Building Project Update (3/16/18)

If you have been on campus recently, you have seen how our renovation project is progressing despite today's rain delays.  The walls of the family pool will be poured soon.  You can see the bath house, concessions building and pump house are up.  Their roofs are next with the interior work to follow.  You may have noticed retaining walls going into place.  The dirt pile is disappearing and grading for the new parking lot will begin soon.
Our general contractor is currently working with a number of subcontractors on their bids for future projects. We will know more about the proposed timeline in the coming months.  This is such an exciting time for our community as we see the changes to our campus take shape and plan for sunny summer afternoons at the pool!

Campus Traffic Flow  (1/12/18)
Starting Monday, January 22nd, a south portion of the ring road around campus will be restricted. A section of road (near Friedel Jewish Academy) will be narrowed down to one, eastbound, lane. This one-way (eastbound) traffic zone will continue up to drive of the Pennie Z. Davis Child Development Center. Past this point the normal, two-way, traffic flow will resume. The impacted portion is highlighted in red on the map below.

This restriction on traffic flow will remain in effect until Phase 2 construction work is completed. All areas outside of this zone will remain as normal, two-way traffic. As construction continues, please be mindful of the trucks and heavy construction equipment that will be moving around campus.

Thank you for your patience as we work to bring you a premiere facility. We are excited to move forward with this project in an effort to build and maintain a vibrant community, not only for today, but for generations to come.

If you have any questions about this project, please email us at


Frequently Asked Q & A  (10/24/17)
What does this renovation project include?
The main focus of the first phase of JCC renovation plans include the building of a new outdoor Aquatic Complex. Our current, 50 meter, outdoor pool will be replaced with three new outdoor pool areas that include:
  • A six lane, 25 meter, lap pool with gutter circulation system and diving board
  • A lazy river for floating, playing, and water walking
  • A family friendly pool with zero depth entry
  • Kid friendly water features including a climbing wall, large water slide, and splash pad with water sprayers and play structure
  • Bathhouse with showers, lockers, family changing room
  • Ample pool deck seating with new shaded areas
  • Swim lesson area and lifeguard office
  • Snack shack with covered eating area
  • New parking area with oversized spaces

Beyond the construction of the outdoor Aquatics Complex, there will be additional renovations and improvements to the JCC campus. These renovations will happen gradually, in phases. Current renovation plans include:
  • New glass entryway and updated Member Services desk at the Phil Sokolof Fitness Center
  • New Fit & Sit area by Member Services
  • New indoor locker rooms and family changing area
  • New dedicated fitness rooms: spin studio, yoga studio, pilates studio, and group training area
  • New indoor pool complex
  • Updates and improvements to the existing JCC Theater
  • Expansion of the Pennie Z. Davis Child Development Center
  • New outdoor signage, lighting, landscaping, and improvements to the north drive

Why are we doing this project?
This project has been in the planning stages for many years, as we carefully considered all of our options and objectives. Some of the main deciding factors were as follows:

• Practicality

Our current outdoor pool is 43-years-old and ailing. The cost and labor demands of maintenance and repair cannot be continued for the long term.

• Member Needs & Feedback
Part of our mission is to provide members with unique opportunities to associate through social, cultural, recreational, and educational programs, activities, and services. In doing so, we recognized there was a need for more functional campus spaces and features that would accommodate all ages and interests.

• Long Term Vision

In 1967 a committee of community leaders came together to examine the current and future needs of the Omaha Jewish Community Center. They had visions for a vibrant future and ultimately decided to move the Omaha JCC from its original location at 20th and Dodge, to where we are located today. The committee believed that this location would fulfill the then current needs of their membership, while also leaving expansion possibilities to accommodate future generations.

Just like our predecessors, we are thinking of the future. These campus renovations will help us carry out our mission of building and maintaining a vibrant Jewish community, not only for today, but for generations to come.

How will this impact Members?

JCC Members have a lot to look forward to. We plan to offer innovative programs for each venue that is remodeled or replaced. This will include new classes, programs, and educational opportunities that we currently cannot provide due to a lack of space or resources.

When will this project be finished?
Assuming there are no construction or material delays, our goal is to have the new outdoor Aquatic Complex open by the summer of 2018. The start of additional phases will subsequently follow.

Will both entrances and the access road around campus be open during construction?
Yes. The plan is to keep both entrances, as well as the access road around campus, open during the renovation. It is possible, however, that access to certain parts of the campus may be impeded during the construction process. Should any temporary closures or restrictions occur, we will do our best to notify members in a timely manner. 

Where will the new outdoor Aquatic Complex be located?
The new outdoor Aquatic Complex will be located on the east side of the Phil Sokolof Fitness Center, in the area that housed the outdoor tennis and basketball courts. In order to complete construction, these outdoor courts will be removed. Soil will then be moved in and leveled. New sewer and drain lines will be installed and then the building of the pools and structures will take place.

Will the platform tennis, outdoor tennis, and basketball courts be replaced?
Currently, our plans call for the relocation of the platform tennis structure. It will be dismantled and rebuilt on the southeast side of our campus (in the area where the outdoor pool is currently located). We do not have plans to replace the outdoor tennis or basketball courts. However, there will be space allowed should that change.

Will access to the outdoor Aquatic Complex be included in JCC Memberships? 
Yes. Access to the new outdoor Aquatic Complex will be included with all JCC Memberships.

Will member dues go up to pay for the addition of the outdoor Aquatic Complex?
The first phase of this project is being funded by three benevolent donors. We extend our sincerest gratitude to Michael Staenberg, Tom Fellman, and Howard Kooper. While JCC Membership dues may undergo the normal, yearly increase for services offered, there are no plans to significantly raise membership dues to pay for the outdoor Aquatics Complex.

How will additional phases of the renovation be funded?

In the next few weeks, a capital campaign will begin to solicit monies for additional phases of the campus renovation. We are excited to provide our members with the opportunity to get involved and make a lasting impact. Together we can enhance the Jewish Community Center - not only for today, but for generations to come.

Project Updates and Contact Information
Ongoing community updates regarding this project will be posted on this page. Relevant information will also be included in the JFO and JCC e-newsletters. 

If you have any questions about this project, please feel free to email us at



New JCC Aquatic Complex to Open in 2018

By: Bruce Friedlander, Jewish Federation of Omaha Board President

(9/28/17) At the June 5th Jewish Federation of Omaha Annual Meeting, Tom Fellman announced upcoming renovation plans for our campus. I am excited to announce construction of a new outdoor aquatic complex. Over the next several months, you will see construction vehicles working on redesigning the space. The image above shows a rendering of the outdoor aquatic complex slated to open in 2018.

This is the first part of Phase One of an ongoing campus renovation plan. Additional details will soon be forthcoming. We are grateful for the leadership, commitment and passion of Tom Fellman, Howard Kooper and Michael Staenberg. We are excited to enhance our campus, not only for today, but for generations to come.


New Fitness Center Equipment Installed
(7/25/17)  The new cardio and weight equipment has been installed in the Fitness Center. There are new treadmills, elliptical trainers, bikes, climbmills, strength machines, free weights, and much more! In addition, most cardio machines now have exciting new features that allow for workout tracking, streaming media, & training programs!

If you have any questions on how to use the new equipment, please contact a member of the Fitness Center staff and they will be happy to assist you.

New Equipment Includes...

• 13 Treadmills
Featuring workout tracking, streamingmedia, & embedded TVs with training programs. Spacious walking/running areas and advanced drive/deck systems provide proper cushion & support.

• 2 Climbmills

• New Bike Options
New cycling options including NuSteps,recumbent bikes and upright bikes.

• 12 Elliptical & Adaptive Motion Trainers
Featuring workout tracking and embedded media. Adaptive Motion Trainers (AMT’s) are variable stride ellipticals, with adjustable step height. Ideal for training for running, jogging, stepping, and walking.

• Strength Training Machines

Allows the user to make adjustments once seated. Weight stacks start at 2.5 pounds and advance by 2.5 pounds.

• Free Weights
All new bars, weight plates, dumbbells, benches, and plate loaded machines. Space will allow users to maximize lifts.

• LifeFitness Synrgy360 & Matrix S-drive
Provide a small group experience that will challenge users cardiovascular and muscular systems. When small groups are not in session, members are free to use these to enhance their workouts.

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