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A Guide to Using the Membership Cards
Watch Tracy in this brief video as she provides an introduction to the access control system and how to use the Membership ID cards. Membership ID cards are issued to all JCC Members, ages 7 and over. After you receive notification that your card is available, please stop by the Member Services desk to obtain it.

Membership ID cards work with the proximity based access control system that has been installed all across the JCC campus. All exterior entrances to the JCC, as well as some interior doors, will have access control panels installed near them. (Examples at right) To use, JCC Members only need to lightly touch their “proxy” based Membership ID card to the access control panel to unlock the door.

Access control panels are located at all main JCC entrances across campus including:
• Member Services
• JCC Front Entrance
• South / Canteen JCC Entrance
• Link / Racquetball Hallway Door to the Upstairs
Depending on your level of Membership, your card may also access:
• JCC Health Spa
• Pennie Z. Davis Child Development Center

Your card will only grant to access to the areas of the building that you have authorization to be in and will only work during hours that the JCC is open for business.

We would like to remind our Members that they must bring their Membership ID card with them in order to gain access into the facility. When inside the building, they must carry their card at all times. Members are not allowed to use their Membership ID card to let anyone, other than themselves, into the facility.

Please remember that the “proxy” cards are embedded with a tiny microchip. Because of this, you should not bend, puncture, or damage your card in any way. Any lost cards should be reported to the Member Services Desk right away so that it can be “deactivated” and a new card can be issued. There will be a $10 charge for any replacement cards that are issued due to damage or loss.

Please take time to review the additional information that we've posted on our website. If you have any questions, please e-mail

Membership Questions?
If you have questions regarding your membership, account status, or registration process, please feel free to contact our Member Services team!

ACCOUNT QUESTIONS: Contact Steven Holcombe