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Jewish Missions

One of the goals of the Jewish Federation of Omaha is to provide our community with unique ways to experience Jewish life around the globe. In 2017 the JFO is offering two amazing mission opportunities that will connect you to your Jewish heritage.

Jewish Community Teen trip to Israel

Huskers in the Homeland
Sponsored by The Jewish Federation of Omaha, Beth El Synagogue, Beth Israel Synagogue and Temple Israel.

We encourage all local Jewish teens to join us for an amazing Israel journey. Teens will experience a unique adventure as they explore the rich and diverse culture, deepen personal ties with each other, bond with Israeli peers, and connect to the people, the land and the spirit of Israel.


Click here to download
Teen Trip Application Form

Please complete application form and email or bring to Julee Katzman,, 402-334-6428.

The application will be considered incomplete until we receive the $500 deposit or have been notified of other arrangements.

The 2017 Jewish Community Teen Trip to Israel is generously funded by: Herbert Goldsten Trust, Lois Jeanne Schrager Memorial Fund, JFO Foundation Special Donor Advised Fund, Phillip & Terri Schrager Supporting Foundation Fund, Shirley & Leonard Goldstein Supporting Foundation, Milton & Corrine N. Livingston Foundation Fund.

Omaha Jewish Women's Mission to Israel 

November 26- December 6, 2017
The Jewish Federation of Omaha (JFO) and The Jewish Women's Renaissance Project (JWRP) are jointly sponsoring a trip to Israel for 9 women committed to the work of the JFO. The trip focusses on learning, leading and community.

What is JWRP?

The Jewish Women's Renaissance Project ( was established in 2008 by eight diverse women in the Washington D.C. area who saw a deep need to create an inspiring trip to Israel that will empower women to change the world through Jewish values that transform the women, their families and communities.

What's unique about Jewish Federation of Omaha's partnership is that we have the opportunity to bring 9 women committed to the work of Jewish Federation of Omaha to experience Israel with a focus on learning, leading and community. Through the JWRP Israel curriculum, we will learn Jewish values that elevate our leadership and through our trip experiences, we will connect this learning to the programs and projects in Israel that our dollars support. 

Requirements to participate:  Be Jewish or identify yourself as Jewish.  This includes converts and special cases where the woman is married to a Jew and raising the kids as Jews, be physically and emotionally healthy, be willing to participate in pre and post programming with the Jewish Federation of Omaha and have an interest in becoming more actively involved in the Jewish community.

Please contact Louri Sullivan, Senior Director of Community Impact and Special Project at 402-334-6485 or with any questions.