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Fall 2018 
Exploring Judaism  
October 8 - December 17  |  7:00-8:30 pm
Rose Blumkin Jewish Home - Silverman Auditorium
323 S 132nd St, Omaha, Nebraska

Course instructor Scott Littky has been an educator of Judaism since 1985.  He has taught on the grade school, middle school, high school, and adult levels in Omaha Nebraska, Ann Arbor Michigan and Alexandria, Virginia. Scott is currently the Executive Director for the Institute for Holocaust Education in Omaha.

The class is designed for those in the process of conversion, those interested in refreshing their knowledge of Judaism, and those with a general interest in Judaism. To view the class schedule, click here Contact Mark Kirchhoff for more details - (402) 334-6463 or

Winter 2019

Winter 2019 Exploring Judaism classes will begin on January 7th and extend through March 25th. Classes will be in the Rose Blumkin Jewish Home from 7:00 - 8:30pm. To see the class schedule, click here.

Contact us to express interest

We welcome your contacting us by emailing Mark Kirchhoff or phoning (402) 334-6463 if you have interest in either of these classes. Even if you are not sure, we will put you on the "interest list" and make sure that you receive information about the class as the time for it to begin gets near.